Our New Years Eve Box is here!

By Jane December 22, 2020

For this most anticipated New Years Eve, Chris has cooked up a decadent, dippable, sippable party in a box. If you haven’t been able to snag a Clover meal box (they keep selling out!) this one might be our crowning glory, focused on rich finger food and sparkly drinks, and designed to be unpacked and spread out for hours of snacking with minimal prep. Choose your size (2-10 people) then select pickup or free delivery for 12/30 or 12/31. 

To set up your celebration, surround our massive rainbow of dips and spreads with pickled Winter Moon Roots for dipping, house potato chips dusted with paprika, nacho cheesy popcorn, marinated mushrooms and more. Pull a bubbling cheesy brussels dip out of the oven, along with a goat cheese mushroom bruschetta. Heat up a “stupidly yummy” three cheese sourdough pizza from Richard Bourdon at Berkshire Mountain Bakery. Sneak two Flour sticky buns for yourself, or quarter them for everyone to enjoy.

For the first time ever, Clover Meal Boxes will have boozeWe’ve teamed up with cocktail wizard Jared Sadoian of Craigie on Main to make wintery-tinged cocktail kits; add ice and optional mixers from your own liquor cabinet (we’ve got a nonalcoholic version too)

Don’t forget to add a Midnight Breakfast Box. We’re bringing cheesy grits back onto the menu for the first time in 4 years and welcoming sunchoke season with our decadent sunchoke truffle breakfast sandwiches.

🥂 The full menu 🥂

A rainbow of dips
Our favorite spreads and dips of 2020. 
– Silky organic hummus with all the fixings (tahini, olive oil, za’atar)
– Jalapeño cream cheese spread with honey sriracha drizzle (if you were a fan of the Bridgewater sandwich, you’re going to want this)
– Whipped local black bean lime dip (remember me from the Venezuelan Plantain sandwich?)
– Romesco sauce (addictive Spanish red pepper dip)

Fondue without the pot
The Clover version of spinach-artichoke dip has thinly sliced local Brussels sprouts (in season, way yummier than spinach). Pop the tray into the oven til it’s warm and bubbling. Set it on your buffet table with a plate of sliced Clover pita, then visit it multiple times over the course of the night.
– Cheesy Brussels “spinach-artichoke” dip
– Fresh-baked Clover pita bread 

Pickly things
Perfectly sized for dipping. Everything made in house. 
– Marinated Rhode Island Mushrooms
– Assorted pickles (cucumbers, peppers, onions, and Winter Moon Roots carrots)
– Marinated olives

Crispy and Crunchy
Everything made in house. Designed to pair well with our warm or cold dips. 
– Spiced nuts
– Beautiful smoked paprika potato chips with Mid Isle Farm potatoes
– “Dorito” popcorn – cheesy, smoky, spicy popcorn that pairs well with alcoholic or non alcoholic beverages.

Meatballs on Toothpicks!
Juicy house meatballs made with Impossible Foods meat made from plants. 
– Impossible meatballs in house-made tomato sauce
– Toothpicks for serving

Build your own Bruschetta Kit
Slice one of Richard’s beautiful ciabatta and pile it high with goat cheese, mushrooms and garnish, then stick it into the oven til it’s melty and golden.
– Berkshire Mt. Bakery ciabatta bread
– Assorted Rhode Island mushrooms (including king oyster, blue oyster, shiitake, and crimini)
– Goat cheese spread

A whole pizza from Berkshire Mountain Bakery
Warm this up for your crew after the drinks have gotten going, or slice it into bite-sized pieces for early kid-friendly reveling.
– Heat-and-serve Three Cheese Pizza made by Richard Bourdon and his team at Berkshire Mountain Bakery

Jared Sadoian Cocktail #1: Lemon Ginger Black Tea
– 4oz bottle of non-alcoholic mixer containing lemon, ginger, and black tea syrup. Add whiskey, aged rum, or gin for an adult cocktail or sparkling water for a family-friendly mocktail.

Jared Sadoian Cocktail #2: Maple and Mole (contains alcohol)
– 4oz bottle of alcoholic mixer containing Palo Cortado sherry, maple syrup, and chocolate mole bitters. Add amaro, spiced rum, or honey whiskey for an adult cocktail. 

Long live Sticky Buns!
The most popular collab we did in 2020! We want you to enjoy it one more time. 
– 2 mini sticky buns from our friend Joanne Chang of Flour Bakery.

🥂 Add supplemental items to complete your celebration 🥂

🌃A Midnight Breakfast Box featuring our elusive cheesy grits (as rare as Jupiter and Saturn aligning in the sky) and decadent truffle breakfast sandwiches featuring one of our favorite winter veggies.

🍾 A bottle (or two) of bubbly for the countdown.
We’ve got 3 types at 3 price points: from SpainFrance, or Italy.

🧀 The super-popular Puritan & Co cheese board is back and it’s turbo charged! One board feeds two people, add more for extra guests.

🥂 Elderflower, hibiscus and more. Browse special extra cocktail or mocktail kits from award-winning cocktail wizard Jared Sadoian.

☕ We know you might need coffee the next day. Start the year a bag of George Howell’s Montecarlos.

Final note: This box is likely to sell out and there are only a few days to order.

Order by Monday 12/28 at 5pm for pickup or delivery (free over $60 within delivery range) on December 30. Order by Tuesday 12/29 at 5pm to get a box on New Years Eve.

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