Obsessed with this tea

By Lucia January 11, 2021

(Note – since we first announced this on Saturday we have already almost completely reached our cap for this box!! Thanks so much for your support for both Clover and Mary!)

Our Meal Box Collab series is back, and we are so excited about our first partner of the year. The first 200 folks to order a Snowed In Box for Thursday (1/14) will get a gift from our friend and herbalist Mary Blue of Farmacy Herbs. An assortment of 3 teas grown and blended by Mary and her team!

Why are we so obsessed with this tea? It’s just…tea, right?

Well, tea = herbs = plants.
As a society, it seems like we don’t care too much about dried things. When you buy something in the grocery store (whether it’s a spice, or a bean, or a tea) you have no idea how long it’s been sitting there. And yet there is a massive difference between something that was just-picked and dried and sent to you fresh, versus something that’s been sitting in a warehouse for years. It’s why we care a lot about the dried chickpeas we buy for our hummus, or the flour we use to bake our bread.

Which brings us to Mary Blue. Rolando (our first chef) met her back when he was a culinary professor in Providence. When we started building our tea program back in the early Clover days, we wanted the tea to be just as good as the produce we cook with. So Rolando brought Ayr down to Rhode Island to visit Mary’s tea farm. A tea farm! It was a smaller operation back then. Now Mary not only continues to run her farm and store, she speaks at the UN, teaches Herbal Foundations classes (click here for a special discount to take the class), and is coming out with a (free!) Herbal Survival Guide. At Clover we’ve now been selling Mary’s teas for 10+ years. We’ve brewed hundreds of thousands of cups of tea for customers. And Ayr can’t get through a day without at least two Peppermint and Nettles (he’s actually one of our top orderers of this particular tea – Jane and I are up there on the list too 🤗)

Tea is delicious. And it’s also medicinal. When I got sick back in March (when there was no testing and lots of panic), I emailed Mary and told her I was a Clover employee, and she overnighted me syrup and tea that specifically help with lung issues. At a time when I was thinking about pulse oximeters and breathing exercises, and had way too much time to think about worst-case scenarios, it felt really healthy and calming to spend a few minutes brewing, sipping, inhaling a tea that was the result of centuries of learning about plants. I’m totally back to normal, but I still sip Lung Lovers Tea every day.

To celebrate 10 years of Clover + Farmacy, Mary Blue and her crew are tucking sampler packs of three of their favorite teas (Unwind your Mind, Winter Warmup, and Sun Tea) into the first 200 Snowed In Boxes ordered for this Thursday.

Brew them up, pour them into your thermos and attack the slopes (or just that novel you’ve been meaning to get to). 

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