Pushpir sandwiches hit restaurants!

By Lucia January 13, 2021

Remember when Pushpir came into the kitchen at CloverHSQ and schooled Ayr on Northern Indian cooking?

That was 2013. I still remember the smell of the cilantro, mint, jalapeños, and orange juice in the blender. We hadn’t smelled that exact combo before.

It was so cool to see one of my culinary heroes in our kitchen. Pushpir Bhetia used to run Guru the Caterer. I used to be one of his regulars. I introduced Ayr to his tiny menu. Pretty soon Ayr and Pushpir were texting back and forth. Pushpir was teaching Ayr how to cook Northern Indian food. And the idea for a Clover sandwich was born. Now, 8 years later, people ask us all year round when the Pushpir sandwich is coming back, and excitedly get in line when the time finally comes (well, they’ll have to line up virtually this year)

So what’s inside that drives all the excitement? Mint-cilantro chutney, fried paneer cheese, our take on chaat (crunchy roadside snack food dating back to the 17th century – if you’re curious there’s a new cookbook out about chaat) and twin twists of tamarind and yogurt sauce. It’s so good. 

Don’t let Ayr have all the fun.
For the first time ever, you too can be schooled by Pushpir in your own home! 

Introducing the Pushpir  Sandwich Box! Everything you need to make 4 Pushpir Sandwiches at home. Add one to your next meal box order, or send one as a surprise gift to a spicy food lover in your life. 

PS: Stay tuned for some more Pushpir collabs in the future…

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