How to donate a meal box this weekend

By ayr January 14, 2021

Starting now through end of day (midnight) on Monday 1/18/21, we will donate a box to Food For Free for every single box order placed during that period. Buy a box for yourself, or a box as a gift, and Clover will donate a box to help feed somebody in our community.

Monday is a Day of Service to honor Dr. King’s legacy. We can’t solve everything in this world, but we can source and cook and season and pack nutritious food. We can donate our time, our money, our access to supply chains. 

We have been thinking about community service and what that means. It’s a beautiful tradition we have in the US. And as with everything else, it feels COVID has made it more difficult.

Food For Free has been on the frontlines not just during COVID, but for years before. We’ve been working with them by offering the ability for our customers to donate boxes (and we’ve received 14 four-person box and 91 two-person box donations since we started this!)

Let’s supercharge this effort. For MLK weekend, all purchases of Clover Meal Boxes will trigger a donation from Clover of a box to Food For Free. This could mean we donate 500 or more boxes. That could mean 4-5,000 meals. We’re going to try to make it big.

Here are 3 different ways to participate:

  1. You can buy a box and we’ll donate a box. You’ll need a Clover App Account (easy to set up) first. Just order a box; we’ll handle the rest, and send you a note when your donation box leaves the HUB. Remember to do this by Monday at midnight!
  2. If you’re not craving a Clover box, or don’t have a friend in mind to gift one to, you can donate a box. (You can do this anytime, but we’d love it if you did it this weekend!)
  3. Or you can donate directly to Food For Free. You can do this anytime!

Have a good holiday all!

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