14-ish hours left to donate a meal box

By Lucia January 18, 2021

Wow. Thanks to the 458 of you who have donated a meal box as of 10:30 this morning! We have about 14 hours left of our meal box donation drive and we’re hoping to get to 500 boxes.

For every meal box order placed from now until midnight we will match it with a box donated to Food For Free. Here are all the details:

  1. You can buy a box and we’ll donate a box. This means if you buy a Snowed In box for yourself for a February weekend, or send a Classics box as a gift to a new parent this Saturday, or try your hand at making some Pushpir Sandwiches with your pod this Thursday, we’ll turn around and donate an entire other meal box to help feed somebody in our community.

2. If you’re not craving a Clover box, or don’t have a friend in mind to gift one to, you can donate a box. (You can do this anytime, but we’d love it if you did it this weekend).

3. You can donate directly to Food For Free. You can do this anytime and it’s a great organization to know about.

The photo above? Maple fluffernutter sandwiches from the Snowed In Box this weekend…

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