Meet the Super Bowl Box

By ayr January 22, 2021

My sister Asa and my best friend Alex met at a Super Bowl party in my tiny apartment when I was in grad school. Ever since then (Alex is now my brother-in-law) the Super Bowl has held a bit of extra meaning for our family. We don’t miss it. And as you may have guessed, food plays a central role.

Yeah, it’s the end of an era here in Boston. But let’s join (most of) the rest of the country and cheer even without a team in the game. If you’re anything like me you’re looking to celebrate anything and everything right now (we had a Devil’s Food Cake with artificially-flavored orange frosting at my house on Wednesday to celebrate the end of the Trump nightmare).

Whether the big game is a silent, serious event at your house, or something boisterous, or unimportant, or if you simply want a Netflix weekend – we’re here to do all the heavy lifting/seasoning/sourcing so you can focus on your family and friends. Who knows, maybe Super Bowl LV will spark some new traditions of your own?

choose 2,4,6,8,10 people

Coin Toss
– Bubbly Buffalo cauliflower cheese dip with pita points
– Silky hummus with dipping winter veggies
– Green garlic bread with Berkshire Mountain ciabatta

First Down
– Salt-crusted jacket potatoes with all the fixings
– 3 Bean Chili with beans grown by our friend Charley Baer
– Plimoth cornbread with scallions and cheddar, slide it into the oven and bake

– Moroccan-inspired nachos you pile high—we give you all the components.
– Our favorite sourdough Margherita pizza (thank you Richard!) 
– The Sloppy Chris (coming of the Food Dev vault: adorably messy lentil sliders with a BBQ style Joe sauce). 

– For dessert, churros and warm chocolate sauce, a seasonal tradition in Miami where the game is being played. We’ve done all the frying, you’ll just gently heat the chocolate-cinnamon sauce. “These are awesome,” the usually-quiet Chris says.

Tailgate Box (serves 4)
We love that our box makes veggies absolutely craveable, but for that meaty taste, we recommend adding one or more of these boxes which include:
– Build-your-own Beyond sausage hoagies with seared peppers, onions, marinara
– Greek-style Impossible meatballs with dill labneh

Trillium Beer and Katalyst Kombucha!
A rare, exclusive chance to get a 12-pack of Trillium beer on your front porch!!! Plus our favorite dry-hopped and ginger kombucha (take a break from the beer or blow the minds of your dry-January-keeping guests).

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