Snow Day ❄️

By ayr February 2, 2021

To celebrate the snow we’re giving everybody $10 off the Snowed in Box. Use coupon SNOWDAY10 on your app. It’s good until Sunday. We’re sold out for this Thursday, but we’re taking orders for every Thursday through the rest of February. I hear that if we sell out every week it basically guarantees a snowy Feb ; )

That’s my son Blue jumping off of our roof.

When I was a kid we would jump off the roof of our house. My dad would shovel until the snow banks were large enough to catch us and we’d take turns leaping off the roof. It’s even more scary than it looks. And it’s a blast.

I love the snow so much. Whenever we get a giant storm I think about global warming. I hope we can all do what needs to be done to keep the joy of snow alive for future generations. At Clover we’re trying to make the first step a delicious one: eat meat free.

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