Summer CSA Signups now live!

By Jane February 18, 2021

Farmshare (CSA) signups are live for Summer 2021! Sign up early to get a free gift from Clover.

This is the most exciting announcement of the year because we get to connect you directly with the farmers we love. It’s CSA signup time! 

If you’ve done a farmshare before you’ve probably already stopped reading and are clicking the signup button. If you’ve never participated in a farmshare, here’s how it works.

You pay money up front to a farmer in the winter. They use your investment to buy seeds, hire staff, make repairs, get the greenhouses going, and plan for the summer. Then once mid-June rolls around, the fun begins.

You get a box of produce (a “share” of the bounty) every week, usually 3x the quality for half the price of a Whole Foods grocery run. Your kids might be shocked by just how good veggies can taste. You might discover what kohlrabi is (and that you love to eat it sautéed with butter). You might watch lavender-colored fairytale eggplant grow from the size of your thumb to the size of your hand as the summer goes on. You’ll look forward to the weekly newsletter (especially the one that tells you when the tomato harvest is on). When fall rolls around you might need a friend to help you carry the delicious squash weighing down your box.

This year is our 9th year connecting folks with farmers! So who’s dropping shares at Clover? We are excited to welcome back 3 produce farms (Next Barn Over;  Crimson & CloverSiena Farms); a mushroom farm (Rhode Island Mushroom Co); a flower farm (Many Graces); and even a farm inside a forest (The Forest Farmers)!!! 

1. Choose a farm (or multiple farms) that you love. That’s Ray of Next Barn Over, a perennial Clover favorite.
2. Pick a size that makes sense for you
3. Be sure the pickup day works for you. You’ll return to Clover to collect your share each week.
4. Head to our website and sign up (takes about 2 minutes). 
5. Start dreaming about your summer. 

Curious about how COVID will affect things? We’ll be doing contactless pickups at least at the beginning of summer. You’ll sign up each week for a pickup slot via our app, and one of our staff members will grab your share for you. 


Joining a CSA is one of the best things you can do to help the planet and keep dollars in our region. But in order for CSAs to be as successful as possible, it is really helpful for farms to get money in the bank as early in the winter as they can, so we at Clover are sweetening the deal a bit. 

Be one of the first 100 people to sign up for any CSA (produce, flower, mushroom, forest) and we’ll buy you anything from our Build Your Own meal box menu with your next meal box purchase. Coffee box, desserts box, donuts box, a whole box of Pushpir Sandwich fixings, a giant Boston Baked Beans kit…or save the coupon for some of our soon-to-be-announced St. Patty’s, Passover, or Easter meal boxes where there may be some interesting BYO boxes on offer. Remember that if you want a box delivered this Saturday, order by 5pm today via the Clover App.

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