March 2: last chance for the Pushpir Sandwich!

By Lucia February 23, 2021

Consider this your warning: you have about 7 days left to enjoy chef Pushpir Bhetia’s homage to Northern Indian food. Mint cilantro chutney, squeaky fried paneer cheese, pickly chickpea chaat, tangy tamarind sauce, and Sidehill Farm yogurt. Once it’s gone, it’s gone til next winter.

But there’s more than one way to get Pushpir! Did you know that the Pushpir is part of our Home Meal Box Program? The Starter Box has Pushpir sandwiches alongside chickpea fritters and breakfast sandwich makings; the Winter Seasonal Box has Pushpir fixings alongside hearty Shepherd’s pie and root veggie salads; and if you just want Pushpir-no-distractions, we have an entire box dedicated to him! 

If you’ve never had a meal box before, give it a try this week. Chris and his team do most of the prep work for you, and I write helpful recipe cards to get you the rest of the way there. Most boxes qualify for free delivery (which sure beats a trip to the grocery store) but they do start selling out towards the end of the week, so act fast. 

💖 Signing off with this Yelp review (written by a fourth-grader at Clover Burlington) that we we will treasure forever:

Do you like a small little restaurant where you can eat all different types of food from all over the world but still have a nice conversation? I think Clover is one of the best restaurants I have been to. They have all different foods from sandwiches to falafels and sandwiches that have a spicy sauce and mushrooms fried with breadcrumbs, as well as lettuce. Not only is Clover plentiful with there food but they also are completely vegetarian! They make breakfast stuff like a egg and cheese sandwiches to snacks like french fries with rosemary or falafel skewers with hummus and hot sauce. They have sandwiches but the cool thing is that they turn those sandwiches into platters like the Bridgewater sandwich becomes the Bridgewater platter. Everything is the same but it’s disassembled, plus they have two salad of the days. They make fake meats that are completely made out of plants. The meatballs in the impossible meatball sandwich is made out of fresh garlic, parsley, pita soaked in milk, and egg then they bake it in the form of a meatball. They find people from all over the world who have cool recipes then transform it into something new. The people in Clover are very nice themselves. They are maybe the best fast food restaurant ever in my opinion. I rate them a 9.5 out of 10.

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