St. Paddy’s Day Meal Boxes now on the menu!

By Jane February 25, 2021

There once was a meal box from Boston 
With St. Paddy’s Irish food tossed in
If you don’t touch my bangers,
I won’t touch your mash.
And we’ll share in that emerald green frostin’

We are so pleased to announce our St. Paddy’s Day Menu! We have four components for celebrating the holiday: a Dinner Box,  a “Full Irish” Breakfast Box, a Beer Celebration Trio, and even the chance to test your luck with a Pot of Gold (what’s that?) The Southie parade is off this year, so celebrate Irish food traditions at home and stock your fridge with a parade of new meals built on culinary research and locally available produce. Special thanks to Kev, our Kendall restaurant manager, who hails from Ireland and lent us his recipes and memories. Sláinte!

(And thank you to Mick for bringing to our attention that it’s “St. Paddy’s” with the letter D, not the letter T!)

Available now 🍀 Pickup at HUB / Free Delivery over $60 🍀 3/12 + 3/16

St. Paddy’s Day Dinner Box Menu

Irish Soda Bread Kit with Apple Compote and Goat Cheese
 all ingredients pre-measured
includes a short bake-along video from Ayr

Shepherd’s Pie
Winter Moon Roots veggies, lentils, whipped potato topping
Just heat and eat

Sweet Potato Boxty
Clover’s take on a traditional Irish potato pancake
We’ll send you the batter; you’ll make patties and fry at home

Irish Guinness Stew
Local veg, seared seitan, THE Irish dry stout
Just heat and eat

Bangers and Mash
Beyond Meat “Bangers,” Onion Gravy
Cabbage-Kale-Scallion Colcannon
Just heat and eat 

For snacking: Cheese and Onion Potato Chips
Sneakily vegan, based on Kev’s favorite flavor from back home in Ireland

 For dessert: Green Brownie Pie
Because you have to eat something green on St. Paddy’s, Chris made the most delicious brownie pie, covered with green matcha buttercream, pistachios and chocolate shavings


“Full Irish” Breakfast Box 
But we couldn’t stop at dinner. Stock your fridge with the makings of a “Full Irish,” the spread of bacon, eggs, black pudding sausage, beans, tomatoes, and mushrooms that is nearly impossible to find this side of the Atlantic. We’re tucking in our house-baked scones, Farmacy tea for 4 and our famous carrot-orange marmalade, plus everything you need to brew up decadent maple-chocolate coffees (add your favorite whiskey to make them Irish coffees).

Since everything is done ahead (you just warm things up) it’s ideal for the bleary morning after a St. Paddy’s celebration…or for daydreaming that you’re waking up at a bed and breakfast in the Emerald Isle.

– Maple chocolate coffee kit (caffeinated)
– Farmacy Herbs tea for 4 (non-caffeinated)
– House-baked oatmeal scones for 4
– Carrot-orange Marmalade
– Black pudding sausage patties
– Smoky tempeh bacon strips 
– Soft-cooked eggs
– Irish beans made with Charley Baer heirlooms
– Roasted tomato halves
– Garlicky roasted crimini mushrooms from Rhode Island 


PS: Thank you Violet, age 9, for hand-making all the St. Paddy’s day decorations we used (including the illustration above!!)

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