Farewell Scott!

By Lucia February 26, 2021

We’re losing a really wonderful part of the Clover family today, but the good news is you might be gaining a new sharp friend in your kitchen.

If you’ve eaten at CloverLMA you probably know Scott and chances are, he knows you (and your family’s names) too. Scott came to us from Wisconsin, via stints in fine dining here in Boston. He led the opening of CloverLMA, jumped in when we needed a leader up in Burlington, trained hundreds of folks to become better cooks, and made thousands of customers so happy. His standards and enthusiasm are so high and we’re going to miss the sound of “I heard that!” ringing out across Clover nation. Today is his last day.

The great news is that Scott has started his own knife sharpening business: A Cut Above! He’s already sharpening the knives of some great chefs in town and you could be next. Learn how to send your knives away or arrange for a pickup here.

Trust me when I say that a sharp knife is worth more than gold (and Scott’s prices are really, really good).

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