Clover x Craic Sauce

By Jane March 6, 2021

This bottle of yet-to-be-released, brand new Craic Sauce will be included as a gift in the first 250 2- or 4-person meal boxes ordered for delivery/pickup next week on 3/9 or 3/11!! 

Brian Boru’s Curry, a fermented curry-style sauce, is Craic Sauce’s newest creation. Grab a meal box now, and if your luck is good, your box will come with one of the first bottles of Brian Boru ever to see the light of day!

Brian Boru’s Curry brings out complex flavors from a fermented chili mash made with fresh turmeric, lemongrass, Sungold tomatoes and a blend of Scotch Bonnet and Hungarian Wax peppers, all sourced from Massachusetts farms. The hot sauce packs a sweet, pungent flavor and tastes especially great on root veggies (so it’s perfect paired with the Shepherd’s Pie in our Winter Seasonal Box or the Smoky Butternut Soup in our new Maple Box). Chris and Ayr couldn’t get enough of the sample that Brian sent over the other week, and we think you’ll love it too.

The name of the hot sauce comes from King Brian Boru, the Highland King of Ireland, who died during the Battle of Clontarf in 1014. The battle took place just north of Dublin’s city center in Clontarf, where our Hot Sauce Brian started making his first batches of hot sauce in 2014.

When Hot Sauce Brian moved from Dublin back to Mass, he wanted to share the hot sauces he crafted and build a food business to support local farms. Many of his first experiments were fueled by sandwiches from CloverFIN, so it’s been really special for us to see his success, with ‘craic’ as a guiding light. We’re excited for you to taste his newest creation, and honored to be the first of his partners to announce its arrival onto the hot sauce scene.

PS: Craic (pronounced crack), is an Irish word for good times and laughs 🙂

PPS: To clarify what we mean by 2- or 4-person meal box, the following boxes are eligible for the gift: Maple Celebration Box, Starter Box, Winter Seasonal Box, Breakfast Box, Classics Box, Mediterranean Box, Post-Meat Box, Vegan Box, and Gluten-Free Box.

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