Last chance for Maple Box!

By Lucia March 26, 2021

Growing up in Texas, maple was this magic thing that only came around once a year, in the form of maple sugar candy that would appear under the Christmas tree. When I moved to Boston and started working at Clover I learned about sugar shacks, and the temporary restaurants that pop up to serve the new syrup along with pancakes, dill pickles, corn fritters and more.

I asked Chris if we could do a meal box dedicated to this special time of year and he agreed! We collaborated with Michael Farrel of New Leaf Tree Syrups, and built a box that gives you a sugar house brunch, a maple tinged lunch and a delicious dinner. After a rocky start involving too much baking soda, the Maple Box ended up being one of our most popular themed boxes yet.

Sunday is your last chance to get in on the Maple Celebration Box. You can place your order on the app (and if you want an extra incentive to take the plunge, use code HAPPYSPRING10 at checkout for $10 off).

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