Clover x Katalyst Kombucha

By ayr March 27, 2021

I love Katalyst’s Hopped Kombucha. I found it a year or two ago at Pemberton Farms Marketplace. Katalyst Kombucha is from Greenfield, MA, and they are buying the hops from Four Star Farms in Northfield. I grew up almost walking distance from Four Star Farms.

I’ve been playing around with non-alcoholic drinks that are fun and satisfying. I know some of you have been as well. As a society we consume more ethanol (alcohol) than we should. The science is becoming more and more clear on this.

Hops have a complex and intoxicating aroma, and a distinct bitterness. They are the reason we love American IPAs. They have a long history of culinary use. Pre-refrigeration, they were a very effective and important preservation agent.

That photo is of Rolando with his nose buried in hops! We were visiting our friends at Peak Organic and we walked into the hops room and it was just amazing. A hop is a flower, and it’s one of the reasons beer tastes so deliciously bitter and floral.

We’re collaborating with Katalyst as part of our ongoing year of COVID collaborations. We’re going to be including some of their kombucha in Clover Meal Boxes this Tuesday as a fun gift. I’m hoping a bunch of you are turned on to their products and keep some of your kombucha dollars here in MA (vs. those national brands at Whole Foods and other retailers).

The first 100 people to order a 2-or-4-person meal box for Tuesday March 30 will get one can of kombucha! Katalyst sent us a few different flavors, including my favorite (Hopped) and their all time best-sellers (Ginger and Bliss Berry). It will be a surprise which one you receive.

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