Confit root veggies for Easter

By Lucia March 29, 2021

Chris was experimenting with items for our Easter Box, thinking like a rabbit, getting to play with all these beautiful roots that Michael Docter has been keeping safe for us in his barn.

He was thinking about the technique called confit. This is used mostly for meat—where you slowly cook a piece of meat in its own fat.

He applied this technique to red king radishes, starburst daikon radishes, and carrots. Of course there’s no fat in these roots, so he used our delicious Catania olive oil. He cooked them low and slow for a loooooooong time. The result is fatty, delicate, translucent. And the colors are so pretty.

You can find these gems in our Easter Box. Warm them gently, sprinkle with a little bit of your favorite salt and enjoy!

PS: Ayr made sushi out of some of the extra confit veggies that Chris was testing out, and he used the cooking oil to make salad dressing!

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