Two seasonal favorites back on the menu tomorrow

By Jane April 6, 2021

Tomorrow (Wednesday 4/7), two seasonal sandwiches emerge from our recipes vault and onto our menu. One breakfast. One lunch. 

These sandwiches are so popular that we’ve even overheard people ask “What Chickpea Fritter?” after trying the Nashville Hot, and “What Classic Breakfast Sandwich?” after trying the French! So we are super excited to bring these new favorites back (although we hope there’s still room in your heart to love your old staple favorites too).

The Nashville Hot Mushroom is an homage to the genius Nashville Hot Chicken made famous by Prince’s in Nashville. It starts with a corn mayo that we make from freeze-dried organic corn. Then we batter Rhode Island Mushrooms in a buttermilk batter. We infuse oil with hot chili peppers and drizzle it all over the deep-fried mushrooms at the end. To cool things down: pickle coins and fresh leaf lettuce. Thank you Prince’s. Thank you Chris Strange. Thank you Internet. Order it starting tomorrow!! Yes, the Nashville Hot is back!!!

Enzo came up with the French Breakfast Sandwich a few years back. It’s built on a Dijonnaise sauce: did you know mustard has been made in France since the 1300’s? I love mustard and could put it on anything.

We boil our eggs in small batches for 6.5 minutes, then use an ice bath and some precise temperature control to keep them from overcooking. The result is a firm white and a custardy yolk. I love how the pepperiness of the arugula balances against the mildness of the egg white. And when the mustard and the yolk combine, it’s almost like a sauce of its own.

It’s perfect for this time of year, when you need something fresh and peppery and light. Order it starting tomorrow.

Neither of these sandwiches will be on the menu forever, so get over to your nearest Clover and give them a taste. Not near enough to a Clover? Meal Box orders for Thursday home delivery close at 5pm today, and our delivery radius is wide… 

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