The Carrot Sandwich is back!

By Lucia April 13, 2021

Our Easter box helped us run through the supply of Winter Moon Roots carrots. Luckily Brookford Farm in New Hampshire has a crop of beautiful organic roots, so we were able to bring back the Carrot Sandwich, the only Clover sandwich to have a love letter written to it (by an avowed carnivore no less!).

Paul dreamed up the Carrot Sandwich back in 2017: carrots two ways (habanero carrot hot sauce, roasted carrots), creamy feta sauce, cabbage lime slaw, and fried farro for crunch).

You can get the Carrot at your nearest Clover starting tomorrow at 11am. If you really love it, you can order it as part of a Clover Meal Box and make it in your own home kitchen!

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