Meet the ­čîÄ Earth Day Box

By Jane April 15, 2021

Earth Day is approaching and your neighborhood planet-saving chickpea-frying friends are here with an Earth Day Challenge and an Earth Day Box! Chris, did you say Nachos on the menu?!!

The Atlantic reported this month that the single biggest change you can make to your diet to help mitigate climate change is to eat less meat. 

And every year more and more people are┬áexperimenting with┬ávegan food. Going vegan, or even incorporating a few vegan meals into your week…that┬ádecision used to be┬ásuch a painful one, but every year it┬ábecomes┬áeasier and more delicious and more fun.

Case in point: our Vegan Box, which Chris just re-developed in honor of the 51st anniversary of Earth Day. Full of New England favorites, Clover classics and totally new recipes. I see you, apple mousse.

Use the box to participate in our Earth Day Challenge, gift it to the skeptical carnivore or budding vegan chef in your life, or break it up for a week of solo dining so you can skip a trip to the grocery store.

What’s on the menu?

­čîÄ Breakfast starts with our Maine Blueberry Muffins that you scoop and bake. Enjoy them with creamy Overnight Oats soaked in our house-made Banana Macadamia Nut Milk and topped with Peanut Butter.

­čîÄ For Lunch there’s Chickpea Fritter Sandwiches (we weren’t trying to trick you, but did you know Clover’s most popular sandwich has been vegan this whole time?!) and Beluga Lentil Salad (did you know lentils improve the soil instead of depleting it? you can read all about that in a book about our lentil farmer).

­čîÄ For a Bonus Meal/After-School Snack we’re giving you all the fixings for Moroccan-inspired nachos with Impossible kofta crumbles, pumpkin seeds, chickpeas, and a creamy lemon-turmeric drizzle.

­čîÄ For Dinner there’s Irish style “bangers and mash” ÔÇö potato and kale colcannon (think Irish mashed potatoes) with Beyond meat sausages and Chris’s magical onion gravy, with a hearty vegetable stew on the side.

­čîÄ For Dessert Chris made pistachio halva and a chocolate-coconut mousse with our own apple compote. 

How do I participate in the Earth Day Challenge?

Give vegan eating a try for one whole day on Earth Day, 4/22.It doesn’t matter whether you use our box, eat from another delicious restaurant in town, or make your own food. Document your day and post your meals using: #CloverEarthDayChallenge, #KaleToAction and tag @cloverfoodlab on Instagram or Twitter.

Anything posted before midnight on 4/22 will be entered in a random drawing to win a Clover meal box of your choice!

When can I order an Earth Day Box?

There are only 300 slots available for delivery/pickup on the Tuesday before Earth Day. These boxes have been selling out fast so take a moment to book one right now  if you’d like one in time! If you miss out this time around – no worries – our new meal box will continue to be available on our menu after Earth Day as our new and improved Vegan Box.

Let’s do this!

If a bunch of us make small changes in our diet each day we can have a great impact on the planet and maybe even inspire those around us. We’d love to hear what comes out of this for you!

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