The Mother’s Day Box

By Lucia April 22, 2021

Mother’s Day is May 9! Our newest meal box creates not only one meal, but an entire day of relaxation, starting with breakfast in bed, pausing for a springy lunch, and ending with an extra fancy (but not fussy) Italian dinner. For dessert, local rhubarb appears for the first time, in the form of a rhubarb crisp with vanilla whipped cream. And since we know there are (more than a few) moms reading this: we’ve made the box turnkey enough that you can order it for yourself, or hand off the cooking to kids and partners for the day.

Breakfast In Bed: Sourdough Strata, Blueberry Muffins, and Breakfast Sausages

This breakfast is so easy to make, and designed to be great for kids to help prepare! Mom’s asleep, a strata is in the oven (think layers of sourdough, Grafton cheddar, RI mushrooms baked in egg custard). The kids are helping scoop blueberry muffin batter into tins; all you have to do is warm sausage patties while the muffins bake.

Springtime Lunch: Kale Caesar and French Onion Soup

This meal is heat-and-eat, no prep required, so we recommend eating it on the porch or in the backyard and soaking up those first rays of springtime sun.

Fancy Dinner: Carrot N’duja Antipasti and Creamy Gnocchetti Pasta with Blue Oyster Mushrooms

The best restaurant is the one in your own kitchen with this show-stopping creamy pasta that comes together in under 20 minutes.You’ll heat water for pasta, chop spring onions, and peel Blue Oyster Mushrooms (a trick you’re going to want to repeat). We make the whole thing easy by doing most of the heavy lifting for you (did somebody say compound butter?) and including great recipe cards that will get you all the credit. Plus Chris is bringing back the carrot n’duja you may have enjoyed in our Valentine’s Box.

Dessert: Warm Rhubarb Crisp with Vanilla Whipped Cream

Our favorite “fruit” is in season again! Be the first to welcome Massachusetts rhubarb: slightly tart, slightly sweet, so beautiful. We cut it, cook it down, and layer it over our oat-crisp crust. You warm it in the oven and top it with vanilla whipped cream you’ve chilled in the fridge.

PS: We recommend reserving your box as soon as you can— our Star Wars box, which we announced on Tuesday, only has a handful of left, and the orders are flowing in for Mother’s Day too.

If you do get caught in a stock-out, check out some of the awesome gifts being put together by some of our nearby friends: like the High Lawn Farm gift set,  Lemon Tart Bon Bons from EH Chocolatier, or a Flower Subscription from Many Graces Farm. 

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