Announcing Nashville Hot Mushroom Sandwich Kit

By Jane April 27, 2021

Do you have what it takes to make, and then consume our Nashville Hot Mushroom Sandwich at home? In response to a 🔥 firestorm of customer requests, we present the Nashville Hot Box: everything you need to whip up 4-5 of our Nashville Hot Mushroom sandwiches at home. We provide the ingredients and instructions. And true to tradition, you decide how much Nashville Hot Oil you can handle.

🍄 You’ll start with warm pita, add a spread of our corn mayo, a layer of pickle coins, and leaf lettuce. Then Rhode Island Blue Oyster mushrooms that you’ve dredged in Sriracha buttermilk and our secret Nashville dredge, and fried til they’re crisp and golden. Plus however much Nashville hot oil you’re willing to spoon onto the top. 

🍄 Thanks to Chris Strange of Clover, Prince’s of Nashville, and the intrepid mushroom growers at Rhode Island Mushroom Co, for inspiring this sandwich that nearly broke the internet when it first launched.  The box is just $50 (though you may want to add a seasonal drinks box to cool down your tastebuds and unlock free home delivery).

🍄 And for the first 100 folks who buy, we’ll tuck a mini poster of Lucia’s guitar-toting mushroom inside your meal box. He will keep you company as you cook.

Important Culinary Note:

This is our first meal box that teaches an in-depth culinary skill (dredging, battering, and frying mushrooms to achieve that Nashville fried chicken crust). 

We’ll give you all the ingredients, plus a recipe card with photos for every step of the process, but we suggest having a heavy bottomed pot (a cast iron skillet or Dutch Oven works well) and a kitchen thermometer that measures up to 375 degrees. 

We don’t recommend this box for folks just starting out in the kitchen. Kid chefs should have an adult chef nearby.

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