ūüĒ• New: Nashville Hot Breakfast Sandwich & Hot Fries!

By Lucia May 3, 2021

We got the above email from Helen (a customer) a few weeks ago and thought, yeah, let’s make this happen!

At breakfast, we’re pairing corn mayo with a 6.5-minute egg, Grafton 1-year cheddar, pickle coins, and lots of Nashville hot sauce and tucking everything into a warm pita. At lunch, our PEI potatoes are cut, fried, and topped with Nashville hot sauce, with a few Royal Crown pickles to cool things down. 

Yes, it seems that Nashville Hot has truly invaded New England.

Will we ever be the same? There’s only one (er…four) ways to find out.

Plus РAspiring chefs can now make the Nashville Hot at home! The new Nashville Hot kit has been selling fast. We give you everything: the Hot Chili Oil, the Sriracha Buttermilk, the Nashville Dredge, the beautiful Rhode Island Mushrooms, the corn mayo, pickles, and lettuce…even the oil for frying, and you do the rest.

Free gift alert! For the next week, enter code COOLMEDOWN to get a free Drinks Box when you purchase a Nashville Hot Box to make at home. Trust me, you’re gonna need that vanilla soda. (gift expires May 8)
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