Clover x Yolélé Foods Chips!

By Lucia May 8, 2021

Lucia here. My favorite restaurant in NYC is called Teranga. When I went in May 2019 I couldn’t stop talking about it, to everyone. There was this black-eyed-pea salad I dreamed about for days. And an incredible stew I later learned was Poulet Yassa, a classic Senegalese stew made with tons of caramelized onions. On every table: 3 of the best hot sauces I’d ever tried. And there was was Jollof Fonio, a fluffy, nutty grain laced with a concentrated tomato sauce. Like couscous but more interesting. 

I looked up their “info@” email and typed out a note. “I work in the food industry and just wanted to thank you for the best meal I’ve had all year.” I got a response from Chef Pierre Thiam, which totally made my day (he is kind of a celeb…cookbook author, global food ambassador, advocate for biodiversity)! I went back on my birthday with my mom. Brought Ayr when we were in town for a culinary conference. And Ayr kept saying “oh wow” with each bite.

And now, the folks behind my favorite restaurant are making my favorite snack…CHIPS!!!

Yolélé’s purpose is to create economic opportunity for smallholder farming communities (like the people who grow fonio); to promote biodiverse, regenerative farming systems and to introduce Africa’s ingredients to tables around the world. 

In 2017, Pierre co-founded Yolélé so he could share the ingredients and flavors of West Africa with the world. Their first ingredient was fonio, an ancient (as in ancient Egypt-ancient) grain that’s gluten free, can thrive without much water, and happens to be delicious. It was the fluffy, nutty, intoxicating grain I couldn’t put my finger on at my many Teranga meals.

And lucky for us, Pierre and his team have figured out how to turn fonio into a CHIP!!! Savor them on their own, dip them in Clover romesco or hummus, or use them in your next batch of nachos.

As Ann at the Globe said when she got her hands on a bag, these chips are “flavorful, crispy, and sturdy enough for dipping.” Gemma from Yolélé clued me in on the fact that each flavor is based on the cuisines and ingredients of West Africa (they even have a Yassa! flavor that some of you will be getting in your boxes), so it’s almost like you are eating at Teranga with each bite! Definitely go there next time you are in NY though.

To get in on this collab and free gift, be one of the first 300 folks to grab a Clover Meal Box for 2- or 4-people and select pickup/delivery for Tuesday May 11 or Thursday May 13. Need a recommendation on which box goes well with chips?

Don’t need a meal box for next week but want to support the amazing work of Pierre and his team? 

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