Nashville Hot Oil gift this week

By Lucia May 15, 2021

The Nashville Hot Sandwich is only around for a couple more weeks, so we’re making the most of this limited time and putting our highly addictive Nashville Hot Oil on everything at the restaurants (even breakfast sandwiches and fries!) If you order in time for this free gift, you can put it on everything at your house too.

We infuse safflower oil with lots of spices and dried chile de árbol peppers (thanks to Ray at Christina’s for getting us our spices), then blend it in our big blender (gotta be very careful to keep the lid on so no heat gets in our eyes)!  

We aren’t selling containers of chili oil (currently you can only find them as part of our Nashville Hot Kit). But we’re going to tuck one inside the first 300 Meal Boxes ordered for Tuesday May 18-Thursday May 20.

Let us know what you put it on! Nothing is off limits. Omelets? Soup? A savory cocktail? Ice cream?? Or maybe the pasta inside the Spring Box?

Fine print: the first 300 Meal Box orders placed for pickup or delivery on Tues 5/18, Wed 5/19, or Thurs 5/20 will receive this free gift! Anything under the category “Meal Boxes” is eligible for the gift (but stuff under “Build Your Own”, “Drinks”, and “Supplements” are not eligible). Our gifts go quickly so order now!

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