2 new dinner kits – thanks to you!!

By Lucia May 19, 2021

Meet the Kofta Dinner Kit and the Bangers & Mash Dinner Kit. If you’ve had our St. Paddy’s Box, Earth Day Box, or the Mediterranean Box before, you may have tried these meals as part of larger meal boxes.

Maybe you were even one of the customers who begged for them to be sold a-la-carte. Thank you for making your voice heard! Now that dream is a reality.

These new kits are perfect for potlucks and dinner parties, feeding 4 people generously and requiring zero extra effort other than heating up and serving. 

  • Ayr says the Bangers and Mash are “so effing good” (he did not say “effing” though). You’ll grill Beyond Meat brats, heat up our caramelized onion gravy, and pop the Colcannon in the oven. Dinner is ready.
  • Or do your house a favor and make the Kofta meal. We’ll send you Lebanese-style meatballs that you’ll warm in a chickpea tomato stew and serve over turmeric-scented rice (very similar to the Persian rice my dad makes). Your house will smell so good.

Both of these kits live in the “Build Your Own” section of the menu on our Clover app, where you can find other customer favorites that were so good they got to be sold on their own.

Once you reach $60, delivery is free. We’ve upped our distribution from 3 to 5 days a week, so you can stock your fridge with Clover anytime the craving strikes. 

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