Meet the Father’s Day Meal Box

By Lucia June 3, 2021

We surveyed some culinary Clover dads about their dream Father’s Day meals. Then we asked ourselves, “What if all those meals could happen in one day?” And so the Father’s Day Meal Box was born! Now available for pickup or free delivery on the weekend of Father’s Day (6/18 and 6/19).

  • For breakfast, start with a heat-and-eat French Toast Casserole made with Berkshire Mountain Bakery ciabatta. Everyone can garnish their own warm slice with fancy toppings (think smoked coconut flakes, warm lavender caramel sauce, cacao nibs, and vanilla whipped cream). 
  • At lunchtime, assemble a monster-sized Steak Bomb Sub, straight from Chris’s dreams/nightmares; bright with peppers and onions and all melty with provolone.
  • For dinner, we’re sending you a Grilled Pizza Party in a Box, complete with dough! You’ll stretch and shape the dough, then decorate pizzas to throw on the grill or bake in the oven. Will you go traditional (red sauce, meatballs, provolone) or will you make a carrot-feta-habanero pizza? You won’t have to choose, there will be enough to make both!
  • Dessert is a ready-to-eat Dream Cream Cheesecake with a graham cracker crumble and rhubarb compote on top. 
  • And for a midnight snack (or for watching the Sox play the Royals) there’s a Cheesy Chorizo Nacho Bar with Charley Baer’s black beans, shredded Grafton cheddar, and a new extremely addictive Impossible chorizo Chris has been working.

Every meal comes together quickly, can be made by one person or together with the whole family, and can be eaten through a single day for one big party or over a few days.

Plus – add a Baking Steel to your order! Just 25 of these in stock.

We are extremely excited to be collaborating with our friend Andris of Baking Steel! Andris is a veteran of the Boston chef scene and the son of the Stoughton Steel family. The Baking Steel is his passion project, and it’s a great gift for dad, and anyone else who wants to dial in the perfect oven pizza for Pizza Night, cook over an open fire this summer, or make better pancakes for the grandkids on a Sunday morning. It’s got a great origin story right here in MA and it’s beloved by chefs and home cooks alike. I think we are only at the very beginning of the baking steel wave.

If you’ve watched some of Ayr’s quarantine cooking experiments, you might have spied a Baking Steel on his stovetop. Chris has one too, and so do I. It’s the only thing I use now for frying/baking/searing/pizza-making/potatoes for breakfast tacos/English muffins/whatever. Literally the only thing I use. Shoot me an email ( if you want to talk to me (Lucia) about my baking steel 🙂 

Add a Baking Steel to any Clover Meal Box order starting June 18 and we’ll deliver it free of charge along with your meal box. All you’ll need to do is heft it inside, and wrap it without Dad seeing!

PS: The Father’s Day box is already going fast. If you pre-ordered and want to add a Baking Steel to your existing order, email us at and we’ll help you ou!

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