Your meal box gift from Tandem Coffee

By Lucia June 5, 2021

Is there anything better than the smell of good coffee, when you expect … not-good coffee? 

The first 300 Meal Box orders for next week will get a free gift from our dear friends at Tandem Coffee Roasters in Portland, Maine – 2 packets of Good Instant Coffee

You’ve probably sipped Tandem’s delicious coffee at Clover, but did you know they’ve also got you covered for those times when you can’t stop at Clover for a delicious pourover, or visit one of their cafes in Portland for an espresso?

Meet a product we never thought would exist: instant coffee that actually tastes good!

As Will, the co-owner of Tandem says,
“Just add 8oz of hot or cold water and you’re ready to go. Perfect for camping, flying, hotels, conventions, fallout shelters, driving through Connecticut at night, and all those other places that have lots of hot water but no good coffee.”

To be part of this collab, just order a Meal Box (the Weekend Adventure Box plus any box in the “Meal Box” category counts). This gift will go out to our first 300 orders for pickup or free delivery next week (Tuesday June 8 – Saturday June 12).

Need a suggestion of which box to choose? Our Weekend Adventure Box was MADE for this collab. Breakfast tacos outside while the Tandem coffee brews in your camp cup? Yes please.

Want to support our friends directly? In addition to pourover you can buy whole bags of coffee at your nearest Clover, or check out the Tandem website for more! Somepersonal favorites (besides the yummy coffee of course) – a coffee + film subscription, an excellent vinyl collection, and overall excellent merch.

PS: the Tandem Coffee Youtube channel is really funny.

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