Clover is opening in Newton in July!

By ayr June 11, 2021

I’ve been waiting over a year to make this announcement. Clover is coming to Newton! We’ll be opening at 845 Washington St. on July 1.

We are on a mission to help meat lovers dream about vegetables. Why? As a society we need to reduce the number of meals we eat with meat—and by a lot. That doesn’t mean everybody needs to be vegetarian or vegan, but it does mean that meat should become more of a rare treat, and not the 3.4 servings/ day that Americans average. If we don’t make this change it is unlikely that we’ll be able to reverse global warming. And if that’s not enough motivation, there are also many other terrible outcomes from our reliance on factory farming of animals that we could avoid. 

So why not find alternatives to meat in every meal. And why not make the alternatives DELICIOUS AND FUN!

If you don’t know much about Clover, there is a ton of information here on our website (honestly probably more than anybody would ever need). Start with our “welcome” page to check out some of our early stories, read about our mistakes, and learn more about our food.


George Howell is one of the most important people in the world of coffee, perhaps the most important at the moment. But if you’re part of the Newton community I don’t have to tell you this, do I? You know George and his wonderful café in Newtonville. 

We’re inviting George Howell into the new Clover restaurant at Trio!!

You will find a full George Howell Espresso Bar within our restaurant. When we first decided to open in Newton, we didn’t want to have a harmful impact on his cafe, and we knew you all would be loving what he does, so this feels like the perfect solution. Personally I can’t wait to sip an espresso along with my popover breakfast sandwich.

So stay tuned! I just posted the video tour I filmed yesterday, and as we approach opening day we’re going to more videos and photos, and information about our opening activities.

Starting with…

Our traditional opening event! We’ll be hosting a Pay What You Want weekend on July 9-10. Come in, sample the menu, pay whatever you want, and let Kev and his staff get used to the space. In a nod to the teachers who have gotten many of us through the past 12 months under unbelievably hard circumstances, we’ll be donating all proceeds to our friends at the Newton Schools Foundation, a nonprofit that helps public school teachers.

In the meantime help us out by telling everybody you know!!!!

Thanks all!!
Ayr Muir, Founder/CEO

PS. Thank you to Jenna Fisher of the Newton Patch for the photo we’ve used in this email and for sleuthing our opening!

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