Your local rhubarb gift!

By Lucia June 13, 2021

It’s Ayr’s favorite thing to eat, it’s a vegetable that acts like a fruit, it makes pancakes so happy, and it’s only here for a month or so. Yesss rhubarb!!!

If you’ve been thinking about stocking your fridge with a Clover meal box, this might be the week to do it, because while supplies last, all full-sized boxes (in the “Meal Box” category) will come with a free gift of local rhubarb from the Pioneer Valley Grower’s Association in Western Mass! 

Rhubarb is tart and sweet, with an almost citrusy bite. It originated in Western China and was first grown in the US in the state of Maine. I never knew about rhubarb until I started working at Clover. Some of the best rhubarb grows right around here and we’re excited for you to try it!

To get in on this beautiful rhubarb gift, be one of the first 300 folks to order any box from the “Meal Box” category (Weekend Adventure boxes will count too!), and pick any order date from Tuesday June 15th to Saturday June 20th. 

What should you do with rhubarb?

Make the classic: a strawberry rhubarb pie!
Or make apple rhubarb hand pies.
Or treat rhubarb as a savory ingredient, like they do in Iran. I wonder if you can make this stew with Impossible…

But my absolute favorite method is a simple rhubarb compote/sauce to put on pancakes, yogurt, or eat on toast. We’ll be tucking that recipe into all the rhubarb-containing meal boxes next week. 

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