Last week for the Carrot Sandwich at Clover!

By Lucia June 15, 2021

I love meat. 9 times out of 10, if I had a choice between a meat sandwich and a veggie sandwich, I will choose the meat sandwich. That changed when I tried your Carrot Sandwich. It is, without a single grain of doubt in my mind, the best sandwich I have ever had the privilege of putting into my mouth.”
-Kenny, 2017, via Facebook”

Though we love all our sandwiches equally, the Carrot is the only one that’s ever gotten a love letter

We only make the Carrot in years when we have access to really good carrots. Brookford Farm in NH is supplying us with this year’s crop, and we’re using them in 2 ways. First we pickle carrots for the carrot habanero hot sauce we drizzle over our pita. Then we roast carrots to bring out their sweet notes. A rich, creamy feta sauce comes next, followed by a cabbage-honey-lime slaw and crispy farro (an ancient grain) on top for crunch. 

Our store of Brookford carrots is nearly depleted, so we are bidding goodbye to the Carrot Sandwich! 

We’ll have it for one more week – the last day will be Tuesday 6/22 (or until sell out). So use your app to order, or come in and chat with us in person about why we love it so much (indoor dining is back!) 

 But if you really REALLY love the Carrot, or just want access to feta sauce and crispy farro at home, consider stocking your fridge with something from Clover At Home!

The Starter BoxSpring Seasonal Box, and Build Your Own Carrot Kit all have carrot sandwich fixings inside, but only for the next week. 

Any guesses what’s coming next?

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