Sidehill Farms yogurt is so good.

By Lucia June 19, 2021

Tangy, a little sweet, with a quarter inch of creamy goodness at the top, which only comes from cows who eat grass (sadly that’s not the norm for most yogurt). 

Sidehill Farm has been a dream of ours for years. It’s the best yogurt you can buy. And in caring for their cows and the land, they understand that a farm is not nature, but must come as close to nature as possible.

In 2013 they opened up distribution to Boston, and Paul and Amy found their way to CloverHSQ to see if we’d be interested in using their yogurt in our kitchen. Of course we said YES! If you’ve had our Granola with Yogurt and Fruit, and savored every last creamy tangy bite, you know why we were so excited.

The first 300 Meal Box or Weekend Adventure Box orders for next week (delivery or pickup 6/22 thru 6/26) will get a free gift – 2 single-serving cups of Whole Milk Yogurt!

Want in on this gift, but need a suggestion of which box to choose?

I think you should try the Spring Seasonal Box while you still can. Last day to order this one is Monday 6/21. Carrot sandwiches, Tuscan pasta, and other easy weeknight meals that get on the table fast. Drizzle a bit of honey or melted chocolate over the yogurt, whip it until it’s smooth, and enjoy it with pillowy parsnip fritters and a cup of coffee. 


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