Meet the Early Summer Box!

By Lucia June 24, 2021

☀️A bowl of strawberries dusted with vanilla sugar.

☀️Panelle sandwiches inspired by Sicilian street food. Crisp squares of chickpea dough you’ll heat and serve with lemon mayo and fennel-olive salad. Use for sandwiches or make a platter of them for backyard cocktails (we recommend negronis)

☀️Pasta with bright red romesco sauce, goat cheese and arugula. Toss and serve.

☀️A no-cook grain bowl. Timeless Foods farro dressed with savory sesame dressing and a Japanese-inspired wakame salad with seaweed harvested off the coast of Maine. Heiwa tofu, made from soybeans grown in Maine, plus farm produce you can’t buy in grocery stores.

☀️Silky hummus and pita for summer snacking.

☀️Ooh…and Chris, did you say there would be rhubarb mousse and lavender shortbread too? Plus a surprise salad?

Do you want to eat the best farm-fresh food this summer while spending very little time cooking and heating up your kitchen?

The Early Summer Box has all the groceries you need to make 3 recipes plus 2 snacks, 2 desserts and a salad! You’ll also get one of Lucia’s famous recipe cards with storage instructions, allergens, and helpful tips and tricks for summer cooking. Best of all, your money (just $85 for a box filled with 6-8 meals) goes to farmers and vendors right here in New England.

The Early Summer Box is selling fast – act now to get your box for free delivery!

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