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By Lucia July 14, 2021

You may have tried our Weekend Adventure Box. Fireside s’mores, cornbread and chili and hot dogs. Maybe you’ve taken it bike-camping like one of our customers (so cool). Or maybe you’ve used it to stay inside and avoid ordering pizza on one of these gray and cloudy days we’ve been having.

The Weekend Adventure Box has been so popular that it’s inspired a fleet of kits! This new Adventure Category will take you everywhere you need to go this summer. They’re easy to pop in the trunk of the car (easy on the wallet too). They’re destined for craggy shorelines and docks, grass under bare feet, reunions with friends and family, and most importantly NOT heating up your kitchen on days when we return to muggy and 90-degree humidity.

Everything in the new Weekend Adventure category will be available for pickup at 1075 Cambridge St, or home delivery to the Greater Boston Area on Thursdays and Fridays (and to the Cape on Fridays!) Plus delivery is free for orders over $60!

So ask yourself, when 5pm on Friday rolls around, are you beach, brunch, picnic or backyard?

The Beach Kit
You arrive at the beach and unpack tofu egg salad sandwiches with crisp pickles and lettuce. You dip fresh local berries in house vanilla sugar. While reading and watching the surfers do their thing, you’re dipping veggie chips into silky hummus. But beware of the seagulls! They love Clover potato salad. Kit includes compostable cutlery and our staff’s list of favorite New England beaches. 

The Brunch Kit
People are coming over Sunday! You’re excited to see everyone again after a long winter of quarantine, but what will you make? Brunch Kit to the rescue! The carrot lox Chris has become famous for, plus Forge bagels, cashew cream cheese, capers, and tomatoes; scoop-and-bake blueberry muffins; everything you need to make granola parfaits with seasonal fruit (right now rhubarb, fingers crossed for peaches soon); and orange juice for making mimosas. Just ask your friends to pick up a dry sparkling wine and you’re all set! Also includes some bonus recipes for brunch hosting.

The Backyard Kit
You’ve been invited to the neighbor’s for a grill-out. But what to bring? The Backyard Kit has the beginnings of a Mediterranean meal—our famous marinated veg, a trio of spreads, and just-baked pita. The balsamic-marinated mushrooms and lemon-marinated summer veggies are ready to hit the grill (or the oven, or griddle). Pair them with 3 of our most popular spreads: romesco, silky hummus, and sunflower seed pesto, plus Clover pita, and recipe ideas for turning this kit into a meal for a crowd. 

The Picnic Kit 
When it’s time for that big declaration, nothing says “I love you” like Clover romesco. A romantic date for two starts with spreads and pita, continues with no-cook farm bowls with seasonal produce, and ends with coconut pecan blondies and a seasonal soda that you’ll mix right at the picnic. We’ll send everything you need, including a list of unusual places to picnic around town (including a bridge made of flowers). You just bring the ice, the picnic blanket, and some courage.  

PS: Changes are happening in our Build Your Own menu too! Breakfast items are now available a-la-carte (hello Classic Breakfast Sandwich!) and we’ve also got a new Weeknight Favorites Box

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