Should this sandwich be a meal kit?

By Lucia July 20, 2021

We know you all love the Blue Oyster Mushroom Sandwich (it’s back tomorrow starting at 11am BTW). It’s our take on a New Orleans po-boy, think crispy/chewy mushrooms, fresh kale dressed with lemon, a tarragon miso mayo, and fresh sliced tomatoes from Backyard Farms.

A few months ago when we had the Nashville Hot Mushroom on the menu, I said we needed to make it into a meal kit. Chris was not so sure folks would want to deep fry mushrooms at home. We’ve been trying to keep the prep very minimal on these meal boxes: enough to know you’re eating something fresh, but not a whole project.

So we put a big warning on the kit: not for culinary beginners! And we hesitantly made a recipe card with 17 steps on it (most of our meal kits have 1-2 steps). And the sales were huge! For a few weeks, it was our fourth-highest-selling item in the meal box program. People were frying up a storm. Kids were using the kits. Cats were using the kits. We even saw videos of these going in the air fryer. 😲

We tried making a meal kit out of the Mushroom Parm. Sales were not so good. A few of you tried it and loved it but it wasn’t a blockbuster.

So we’re going to try one more mushroom kit to see if this should be an ongoing thing, or if it should only come around during Nashville Hot time. Tell us what you think. You can order the Blue Oyster Mushroom Kit here…starting…now!

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