We need help building Clover

By ayr July 23, 2021

Chris and I have decided to hire an executive chef.

We haven’t had anybody with that title since we were lucky enough to work with Rolando Robledo back in the days of food trucks.

We don’t want to move away from our open food development process. It’s a wonderful thing. But we do want to bring some new culinary talent to the organization. We’re going to look to this role to help us build excitement among team members about the beautiful ingredients we get to use everyday, help scale recipes to different equipment, and contribute to the open recipe development process at Clover.

We’re looking to meet somebody who is accomplished and has earned the respect and admiration of others in the restaurant industry. We want somebody who cares deeply about the impact food has on the environment and moving food systems to supply-based sourcing. And somebody who is ready to share that passion and enthusiasm with others. We’re targeting a base salary of $80-100,000 depending on experience, full benefits.

For more information please refer to our posting for this role

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