Tortilla gift in the meal kits this week!

By Lucia July 27, 2021

I’m from Texas and grew up going to restaurants where tortillas are made on site and you can buy great ones in any grocery store. I always wondered where the good corn tortillas were in Boston. I got my answer about 7 years ago when Michael Docter and his friend Jorge Sosa started up Mi Tierra Tortillas.

They had a great idea to grow corn and make tortillas, right in the same place. The corn is grown in Hadley. They dry it, nixtamalize it, bake it into tortillas twice a week. The tortillas are nutty and aromatic. When you make a taco, the tortilla contributes to the flavor profile instead of taking away from it.

If I haven’t convinced you to try these yet, we have a fun way for you to try them out, for free!

Just order a meal box for Thursday, Friday, or Saturday, and if you’re one of the first 300 boxes we pack, we’ll pop a 6-pack in your box. This is a gift from the folks at Mi Tierra. Huge thanks to Michael and Jorge for giving this gift to our meal boxers.

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