How will you zucchini?

By Lucia August 3, 2021

The Zucchini is finally back! Basil mayo, glazed tofu, and a salad made with fresh zucchini, corn and shiso (a Japanese herb with notes of mint, basil, clove and cinnamon).

Starting Wednesday at lunch, you can try the zucchini two ways—in store as a sandwich (we make it), or at home as a meal kit (you make it, with our help)!

If you had this kit last year during the height of the pandemic, we’ve changed it a little bit from last year: we’re giving you the zucchini whole so you can have the fun of slicing it up yourself (more importantly, it tastes better that way too). Then we load you up with all the sauces, plus pita and an instruction card for putting everything together.

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