Going away soon.

By Lucia August 25, 2021

You’ve got one week to order as many as you can!

People have asked us why we don’t keep the Zucchini Sandwich around all year. We’ve gotten similar questions about the Brussels and JSP. 

The truth is zucchini doesn’t taste as good in the winter. And brussels and sweet potatoes don’t taste as good in the summer.

Though anger-inducing to some, this is actually a beautiful thing. It means right now we can directly impact farmers in our region by buying a crop that’s in high supply. When you buy a seasonal sandwich or seasonal meal box from Clover, we write big checks to farmers who then use that money to preserve open spaces and save farmland from being developed. All that from a sandwich!

As the summer marches on, we have to say farewell to zucchini and other thin-skinned veg, and hello to late summer/early fall produce.

The last day of the Zucchini in restaurants will be August 31 or until we sell out! 

The Zucchini sandwich starts with a fresh basil mayo that gets all ~inside~ the cracks and crevices of warm pita bread. We add thick slices of Heiwa tofu made each morning by our friend Jeff, fried and and dipped in a sweet miso glaze. On top we add a salad made with raw sliced zucchini from the Pioneer Valley Grower’s Association, sweet corn that snaps in your mouth, and shiso, a ridiculously fresh tasting Japanese herb with notes of mint/basil/clove/cinnamon.

The Zucchini is a key component of 3 of our meal box items right now! There’s even a kit dedicated entirely to the Zucchini. But if we had to pick, we’d suggest the Late Summer Box cause you also get some heirloom tomatoes in there). 

Lunch starts at your nearest Clover tomorrow at 11am. Friday meal box sales end tomorrow at 5pm. And the countdown is on until the Zucchini disappears for another year!

PS: I’m not sure if this is real but I want it to be real.

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