September 2021 menu map

By Jane September 6, 2021

Earlier today I was showing Cody (Director of Digital Marketing) Clover’s Menu Map (our kitchen team uses this to outline/project menu changes). He said, “This is great!! Have you ever thought about sharing this exact doc with customers?”

90% of our communication to customers (aka you!) pertains to changes being made to our menu. We try to give a heads up when favorites are leaving (eg, “Brussels Sprout season is coming to an end!”) and when long-anticipated blockbusters are about to come on (eg, “Heirloom Tomatoes are here!”) and any other especially exciting stories (eg, “Ray just dropped off 3000 lbs of watermelon!”)

But I don’t think we’ve ever shown you the actual menu map before. Thanks for the idea Cody! Here it is – it’s not always the prettiest document, and it can sometimes be a little disorganized. And it’s constantly changing based on the latest updates we get from farmers based on weather/growing season fluctuations in MA. But it’s a very real snapshot into the things we talk about behind the scenes.

Using this map, you can see Heirloom Tomato season is coming to an end very soon (we’ve had a shorter season than usual this year thanks to the huge amts of rain), and that we’re probably going to run out of local cauliflower by end of the month (not to worry though – sweet potatoes will be there to pick up the slack!). Peaches are in full swing (does anyone else think peaches are the best they’ve ever been this season?), and are about to be joined by cantaloupe. We are probably going to switch up our salads soon but don’t have anything final yet for the new lineup.

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