The Baja Mushroom is back today at lunch!

By Lucia September 15, 2021

Does the combo of fried battered SOMETHING plus limey cabbagey SOMETHING plus spicy SOMETHING sound familiar to you?

If you’ve ever gotten to visit Baja California in Mexico, you might know what I’m getting at. Baja is a thin strip of land, bordered on each side by ocean. In addition to having some of the best surfing on earth, it’s also where the Baja Fish Taco was born: cornmeal crusted fish, crema sauce, cabbage slaw, lots of lime and spice. It’s the perfect thing to inhale after staggering from the sea, surfboard in hand.


Which brings us to Rob and Veronica, pictured here 10 years ago in Mexico. Rob worked at Clover for many years as an area manager. His wife Veronica is from Mexico and taught Rob how to make Baja style fish tacos—how to get the batter just right, what type of crema to use, and how to soak and puree guajillo chiles until they’re a smooth, peppery sauce. 

Thankfully Rob didn’t keep the recipe to himself. He brought the Baja Mushroom to Clover’s food dev meeting, where it was an instant hit. Every year we say thank you to Veronica and Rob for sharing their food memories.

Do you have a food memory that is begging to become a Clover sandwich or meal box item?

We’re always ready to hear ideas. Although our weekly public food dev meetings are on-hold due to Covid, you can write/text/tweet to us anytime!  


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