We love you too Jeremy!

By Cody Gibbs September 20, 2021

If you’ve eaten at CloverFIN you might recognize Jeremy, one of our superfans ūüôā

During the pandemic Jeremy essentially bought every single celebration box we made! He also happens to be the Executive Director of the Jewish Community Relations Council (JCRC). Jeremy’s team recently reached out because they are putting on a 10-year celebration for Jeremy and they wanted to incorporate Clover somehow. This was the first time we had this kind of request. “He loves Clover,” they said. “No, like…he REALLY loves Clover.”

They asked if we would create a promo code for the event, which he himself reveals in the video below. Anyone who uses the code can get a little discount on a meal box!

While all Clover food is meat-free (because we love our planet), in efforts to make Clover as inclusive as possible we are also proud to say all of our food is 100% Kosher. This allows Jeremy and the Kosher-keeping community in Boston to enjoy Clover without worrying about dietary restrictions.

If you represent a local Boston organization and want to explore a collaboration, please get in touch! And Jeremy, if you’re reading, we promise, CloverFIN is going to open soon : )

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