Sept/Oct 2021 Menu Map

By Jane September 22, 2021

Hey Club members! Thought I’d share another look at our menu map. If you missed out on my last post – this is the document that our kitchen team uses to outline menu changes & project out into the coming weeks.

We’re currently in “Week 39” – you can see that our beloved JSP (Japanese Sweet Potato Sandwich) is coming on the menu very soon!! Jess told me last week that she just received her first shipment of sweet potatoes from Next Barn Over. We all love this sandwich, and are so excited.

Some other changes – our salads and soups are changing very soon! My personal favorites are the sweet potato black bean salad (Jasper made this recipe – it has poblanos and is a great play on smoky vs. sweet). And the African Peanut soup.

In the fruit world – we wanted to bring cantaloupe onto the menu but the season was so short this year that we weren’t even able to get our hands on any at all! Luckily Asian Pear and Apples are coming on soon, as we finish the last of the season’s peaches.

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