Early Fall Box Is Here!

By Cody Gibbs September 23, 2021

Imagine making the legendary JSP in your own kitchen…

Yesterday was the first day of fall and this box has everything you need to celebrate fall with 3 meals, a snack, and 2 desserts.

The Early Fall Box comes packed full of the fixings for Enzo’s blockbuster Japanese Sweet Potato Sandwich—shoyu mayo, roasted-then-fried sweet potato slices, tempura fried sesame seeds, and a cabbage-scallion-shiso slaw with miso dressing.

The next night, make Maple Sriracha Squash with Wild Rice (Manoomin) Pilaf. You’ll slice local squash (we’ll show you how), drizzle it with maple-sriracha butter, and heat up an already-made cranberry-pecan studded pilaf).

Then when you’re in the mood for something really quick, turn to Seven Hills Pasta with Delicata, Kale, and Miso-Herb Butter. Just boil Giulio’s beautiful pasta and toss it with the other ingredients. For snacking, there’s our famous Romesco spread with dipping veggies. And for dessert: fall fruit mousse (starting with peach—>apple—>paw paw?!?) and pistachio halva.

The meals in this box come together in 5-10 minutes, not quite as instant as those New Normal Boxes, but massively faster than cooking from scratch (and massively cheaper than ordering takeout).

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