Brussels Sprout Sandwich is Back!

By Cody Gibbs October 14, 2021

It just wouldn’t be fall without King Brussels showing up in your inbox, tapping on your screen, inviting you to treat yourself and come feast upon Clover’s #1 most popular sandwich of all time…the Brussels Sprout Sandwich.

The most amazing fried local brussels (currently coming from Czajkowski Farm) sprinkled with za’atar. Creamy sour cream dijon spread. A pinch of crisp pickled red cabbage. Smoked Grafton Cheddar from Vermont. And a sprinkle of toasted hazelnuts right on top.

This sandwich has a long and storied history at Clover, from its humble originsseasonality woes, one bold (albeit successful) coup d’état, the dark ages, the brussels info wars, and finally the incarnation of the king.

Oh and let’s not forget Lucia making her position clear by dressing as a brussel for Halloween 2014…

Need Brussels in your life as much as we do?

There are exactly two ways you can get ahold of this sandwich this season:

  1. Starting RIGHT NOW, you can come into your nearest Clover restaurant or order ahead on the app
  2. Prefer to stay close to home? Want to wow your friends and pretend you invented it? You can order the Brussels Sprout Sandwich Kit for pick-up or delivery and make your own King Brussels at home! We’ll give you pita, fried brussels, cheddar, sour cream spread, pickled cabbage, hazelnuts and more. We only have a limited number of thes kits each week so act fast if you want in.



Also…Delicata Breakfast Sandwich is here!


The Delicata Breakfast sandwich is making a return this year, featuring sensational seasonal striped squash (say it 3x fast we dare you).

If you already love our classic breakfast sandwich and want a taste of fall’s most elusive squash (or you want smoked cheddar during both breakfast AND lunch), give it a shot!

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