Introducing the Umami Box

By Cody Gibbs October 21, 2021

What if (hypothetically speaking) we went out hired renowned award-winning chef Jason Bond and asked him to make a box with flavors that have the power to transcend your senses, taking you to another place and time, or even reaching your very soul?

That’s exactly what we did, and the result is the Umami Box.
You were meant to experience Umami.

Since the beginning of human civilization, we’ve been on an endless search for flavors that go beyond “food” and reach our very soul. Certain flavors have the power to awaken senses, evoke memories, transport us to another place and time, or give us the feeling that we’re home.

For most people, these transcendent experiences happen with umami-rich foods.

What exactly is Umami?

We all know the basic tastes: sweet, salty, sour, and bitter. These are relatively easy to identify in any given dish.

But there is a fifth taste which is more elusive. It’s a flavor that’s highly sought after (by chef and foodie alike), more rich and complex, and more foundational to flavor itself.

It’s Umami – the Japanese term that literally means “the essence of flavor”.

Why your brain will love this box.

Umami happens when your taste receptors bind with amino acids or nucleotides (see: building blocks of life) to create an experience that is a bit like adding 1+1 to equal 10.

In other words, it’s kind of like hitting a flavor multiplier that leaves the rational part of your brain wondering how food can possibly taste this good

Curious as to what’s in this box? Find out here!
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