Welcome Jason Bond

By ayr November 15, 2021

I feel that if I write everything I want right here it will be the longest post in Clover history. I’ll restrain myself and keep this brief.

Jason Bond of Bondir joined the Clover team.

Chris (head of food at Clover and Clover’s first paid employee) and I were looking at the growth of the Meal Box and Subscription Box programs and talking through all of the aspirations we have for the restaurant menus and we started thinking we needed to hire somebody to help us shape the future. We had a post up for a month or so and Chris was dutifully talking to applicants but we weren’t inspired. I talked to a Clover Board member and they asked “who is your favorite chef in Boston?” I quickly answered Jason. I’ve been a fan of his for a long time. (I hope I’m not offending anybody, there are many chefs I admire in Boston!) The Board member suggested I reach out to him.

Honestly I was a little nervous to make the call. Like I said, I’ve really liked Jason’s food for a long time. I wasn’t sure how the conversation would go. But I gathered my courage. Jason surprised me with interest. I connected him with Chris and left for my annual month-long trip across country with my family.

When I returned Chris shared the good news. Jason was joining our team. We couldn’t be more excited about this. We haven’t abandoned our crowd-sourced approach to menu development. We’re eager to get Food Dev back on. Jason will help shape your food ideas (keep them coming) and contribute his own inventions for us all to enjoy.

If you’ve been part of our Taco Tuesday or Pasta Saturday subscription programs you’ve already had a preview to some of Jason’s recipes. He’s the one behind the Umami box too.

If you don’t know of Bondir and Jason you might want to check out his instagram account @jwadebond or @bondircambridge

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