Let’s settle this score once and for all!

By Lucia November 19, 2021

Ayr says Brussels reigns supreme, Enzo says it’s the Japanese Sweet Potato.

Due to the joys of fall produce they’re both on at the same time, and so we are going to let YOU, the audience, decide once and for all. It’s a battle to the death and it’s going to get messy. 

How to play:

Use the app to order a:

Brussels Sprout Sandwich or Platter
or a Japanese Sweet Potato Sandwich or Platter 
or a Build Your Own Brussel or JSP kit of either item
anytime between now and Thanksgiving.

We’ll tally up the sales of King Brussels and JSP Dragons and declare a winner! Anyone who purchased the winning item at least once will get one free drink (think pourover coffee, seasonal lemonade or Farmacy Herbs/Athena tea) deposited into your account in December!

(And yes you can stack the deck by buying one of each).

Remember, this game will ONLY work on the Clover app, so if you’re not signed up for the app yet, get on it.

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