We’re all really going to miss Stacia

By Lucia November 19, 2021

Today Clover Nation is losing one of our best and brightest stars. Today is Stacia’s last day at Clover. She’s moving away from Boston and on to a new adventure (ask her where she’s headed if you see her today).

Stacia came to us during college at Lesley. She wanted to work somewhere that aligned with her values and she ended up on the Park Street food truck, a place where every day was a new adventure weatherwise, peoplewise, foodwise. Pretty soon it became clear that she had incredible skills with people. She’s intuitive and hilarious and possesses a lot of inner strength and when she’s not at Clover she’s helping take down the tobacco industry.

I noticed early on that Stacia was incredible at meeting people where they are and opening their minds. People who are convinced they’ll never eat at a vegetarian place. A staff member who’s unsure of their place here.

Ayr created a role for Stacia: Clover Guide Training Manager: in charge of training all the folks who talk to you daily. It was a really hard job (straddling operations and the marketing) but she thrived. She helped Lynn build HSQ, helped open many of our restaurants, got to visit lots of farms and wrote some very nice prose about Paw Paws.

Then when Covid hit, and in-person interactions paused, she stepped up and helped with our meal box program, coordinating curbside pickup and calling tons of meal box customers on the phone.

Over the course of 8 (?) years (aaah I feel old!) Stacia built a team of Clover Guides and inspired them to love food just as much as she did. One those people, Samara (from CloverBBY), is now going to be doing that job. Another, Joe (from CloverDTX), is stepping up into a customer service role for our box business.

I’m sure if you’ve eaten with us long enough, you’ve experienced Stacia directly or indirectly. She’s part of the fabric of the Clover DNA, and there’ll always be a Sharan Sandwich waiting for her whenever she comes back to visit. Well, as long as it’s during cauliflower season : )

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