My pie mistake

By ayr November 23, 2021

We ordered too many pies for our Thanksgiving Meal Boxes. If you see this message today (Tuesday) or tomorrow (Wednesday) and you need amazing pie for Thanksgiving take advantage of our mistake (and receive $10 off): place your order in the app or stop by CloverHUB (1075 Cambridge St., Cambridge, MA). We’re also going to send a few to each restaurant, so check your local Clover too (all the pies should arrive by noon on Wednesday)

We turned to our friends at Forge Bakery (Pumpkin pie) and Petsi Pie (Pecan and Apple) to make beautiful homemade pies for our Thanksgiving meal boxes. Despite having sold out the Thanksgiving boxes we had approximately 350 extra pies! Oops.

This part is a bit technical but if you’re interested in how something like this may happen read on. Last year we included pies with the meal boxes, basically baked them into the price of the Thanksgiving Box. But we had feedback last year that while some people LOVED the pies (they were really beautiful and made by Revival last year), others wanted to make their own pie and felt it wasn’t necessary/ desired. So this year we decided to make the pies an optional add-on for the meal boxes. These pies are really beautiful made with real ingredients and from scratch. It’s hard to find anybody to make many many pies that way. Revival tapped out. So we turned to Forge (we love their baked goods and have worked with them for past collaborations) and Petsi (just down the street from us!). The pies are really beautiful but the order placed was a bit too high (almost every single Thanksgiving Box customer would have had to order a pie and instead a fraction of the total ordered pie). So this was really an issue of forecasting attachments. We’ll have to do a better job next time.

In the meantime we don’t want anything to go to waste so we’re doing a flash sale. Enjoy

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