Giant Taco Disaster of 2021

By ayr November 30, 2021

OK, if I’m honest there have been more than one. You might be reading this thinking: Clover? Tacos?

We’re building a new business alongside an existing business. If you haven’t tried one yet we’re delivering a set of meals directly to your home. We’re calling it Clover Meal Boxes. And it’s everything we can do just to keep up. They are amazing.

In May we launched a limited offering: a Taco Tuesday subscription. For $35/ week we deliver a kit to make tacos to your house. They change each week with what is in season. They’re fun, really quick to make, and get devoured by kids and adults alike. The Taco Tuesday program is pretty new for us and we’re currently capped at 320 subscribers.

So what was the disaster? Some of you might remember the great pita disasters of the past. This one was a little different. A month or so ago, some of our drivers left without the taco ingredients. We delivered Taco boxes without tacos.

Sorry!!! Each time something like this happens we mobilize to figure out what went wrong and fix the system. Jane, who is running the Box program is working with Jess and Brandon to figure out how to prevent this one from happening again. Thanks to everybody for being so patient as we ran out replacements.

And if this totally honest, but not so sales-savvy story didn’t turn you off, you can sign up for the waitlist here!

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