The carrot sandwich is back!

By Cody Gibbs December 1, 2021

With Japanese Sweet Potato taking its yearly hiatus and King Brussels soon stepping down from his throne (last day to get him is 12/7!)…it’s time for a cold-weather legend to emerge from the winter soil.

Do you know what this means? Are you prepared?

 It’s now time for one of our most dearly-beloved, passion-inducing, and life-altering sandwiches to take center stage...the Carrot Sandwich!

Why all the crazy adjectives?

Because it’s very hard to describe how incredibly good this sandwich is by yelling CARROTS over and over again (as tempting as it is).

So let’s cut to the chase, starting at lunch today the Carrot Sandwich is 100% back and features Michael Docter’s prizewinning carrots two ways (habanero carrot hot sauce, roasted carrots), creamy feta sauce, cabbage lime slaw, and fried farro.

Order your carrot sandwich! OR.. Make your own carrot sandwich at home!

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